Zoo Keeper Is Caught On Camera “Performing $*x Act On A Dolphin”..(See Photos)

A zoo has been criticized after footage appeared to show a keeper performing a s*x act on a dolphin .

But investigators say the act isn’t a crime because it was part of a “breeding programme”.

Since the video was released online, furious animal campaigners have slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands.

Undercover footage showed a dolphin lying on its back in what appears to be an indoor pool.

A male zookeeper leans over the sea m@mmal and uses his glove hand to perform the s*x act before feeding the dolphin a fish.

The zoo has claimed the weird act is to “de-stress” the animals.

Keepers were also filmed saying that it was done to prevent the dolphins from having incestuous relations.

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They also claimed there were “gay” dolphins at the zoo that have s*x with each other in their tanks.

Updated: 19/05/2017 — 3:35 pm

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