Video: 50 Cent Punches Fan On Stage

50 Cent Punches Fan On Stage

50 Cent punched a female fan in the chest after she pulled him off stage during a concert at Baltimore Soundstage on Saturday night. Here’s what happened.

TMZ reports that Curtis Jackson is the latest rapper to get involved in some fan-punching. Footage shows the rapper extending his arm to seemingly give daps to a fan, before he is seized.

The woman pulls 50 Cent into the crowd, catching the rapper off guard and leading him to react with a heavy punch. The blow seems reactionary, sending the overzealous woman backward into the crowd.

After returning to the stage, 50 Cent then asked for the female fan to join him. She later twerked onstage. Guess lawsuit won’t follow, but who knows.

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Watch the footage below.

Source: TMZ

Updated: 12/04/2017 — 10:04 am

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