LYRICS: Azealia Banks – Wut U Do

[AB: Verse 1]

This rhyme, it’s rugged

It’s amp for the street, it’s nice, it’s thuggin’ it, damn

In whites see revenants, bricks is mints for my likes, it’s evidence, dance

Fvck fine french feminine, slammin’ petite

Such a price is precious, this jam

Got my flights, I’m pressure than

They ain’t never seen with the likes, this madness

Do all this cruise and blaze and beige and ocean island vacation

Tannin’ all this, ooh I’m $e xy

P00sy pop like a pepsi, and I’m all on this new expression

Shades of mocha like his collection

Tannin’, foreign cruisin, blazin’

Baby, hope you like this one

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[Chorus: Newbody]

Wut U Do –


I try to hide my feelings

And every time you touch me

I could break down and cry

Let’s expose my devotion

To get next to you

[AB: Verse 2]

I’m all caught up on you

What am I gonna do?

Our nights of pleasure only fade into the morning new

And if our love is true

I’ll give it all to you

[?: AB and Newbody]

Don’t you ever worry cause I’m gonna make you fall in love

Kiss me all night

I’ll never leave you

Ooh, you do it right

In the middle of the day

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I need you in every way

Kiss me all night, set my body free

I’ll never leave you

Ooh, you do it right

In the middle of the day

I need you in every way

[AB: Verse 3]

Any time I jump in the jeep, yes the voice

With the hands cause they lovin’ the beats, space, the noise

Ice on my bezel, the keepsake a choice

I’ll be damned if I’m fvckin’ a cheap Jake, keloid

Now we’re together, we’ll be more than friends

Through the years we forever, we’ll be ’til the end (x2)


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