Get Rid of Mosquito With This Easy Tips

Nobody like mosquitoes.
We live with irritating humming in our ears, bothersome chomps and the risk of Virus – all as a result of mosquitoes.
They’re the exemplification of a disturbance. Be that as it may, would you be able to free yourself of these irritations by utilizing a plastic jug, water and chestnut sugar?


As indicated by the San Francisco Globe, you can!

What you’ll need is a two-liter botte, some cocoa sugar, warm water and moment yeast.
Cut the bottle about a third of the way from the top. In the bottom half of the bottle add a ¼ cup of brown sugar, a cup of warm water and a ¼ teaspoon of yeast.

This combination is apparently irresistible to mosquitoes and attracts them. To trap the mosquitoes you take the top half of the bottle – ensure that the cap is off – and place it upside down in the mouth of the lower half.

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The pests will be attracted to the mixture and then will end up trapped inside the bottle!

Try this trick out and let us know if it worked.

Updated: 07/04/2017 — 1:59 pm

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