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Lyrics: SNSD – Oscar

[Tiffany] Geu Kicki shimjangeul mak cha cheojyeo beorige [Taeyeon] Kwi jjijeul deut han High hat Nal karo undae [Jessica] Deul tteun Energizer Geurae nan Synchronizer Volume deo keuge ollyeo bwa Come on boy [All] It’s twinkle, twinkle up in the sky ([Hyoyeon] Like O-S-C-A-R) Nega gidaryeo on Super storm ([Hyoyeon] Like O-S-C-A-R) [Seohyun] Da nuni […]

Lyrics: Biking – FRANK OCEAN

[Intro: Jay Z] Uh, turn, what goes around comes around Ayy, turn, turn the music up, uh, yeah Goes around comes around What goes, alright, like like Life goes in cycles Everything that comes around goes around ‘Fore it goes down, get you some ice [Verse 1: Jay Z] Life goes in cycles, what comes […]

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