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Lady Curses a guy who Photoshopp€d her face to a N Vd€ body and threatened to l€@k it if she doesn’t h@ve s*x w!th him (Photos)

A young lady, Benita has called out a certain someone, who allegedly took her photo and photoshopped it on a n @ked woman’s body and claimed the pics are her. She revelead that the nameless man is threatening to release the photos to the public if she doen not have s*xu@l interc0urse with him.. She […]

Touching Story of ‘Big Booty’ African Slave, Sara Baartman Who was Abused by Europeans and Used as a Circus Animal (Photo)

This is the story of a poor African slave who was abused by shameless Europeans for her massive buttocks and used as a circus animal. On 29 October 1810, Saartjie “Sara” Baartman, a nineteen year old Khoisan woman signed a contract to be taken from Cape Town to London to be exhibited for entertainment purposes. […]

Couple’s Wedding Photos Causes Serious Commotion Online as Chubby Man Marries Slim Woman (Photos)

There is serious commotion online over a couple’s wedding photos which many have interpreted quite differently and in bad manner. A sweet couple are celebrating their marriage and have shared photos online for people. However, the couple’s wedding photos have become the cause of a serious commotion online as many people have reacted asking if […]

Zoo Keeper Is Caught On Camera “Performing $*x Act On A Dolphin”..(See Photos)

A zoo has been criticized after footage appeared to show a keeper performing a s*x act on a dolphin . But investigators say the act isn’t a crime because it was part of a “breeding programme”. Since the video was released online, furious animal campaigners have slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands. Undercover footage showed […]

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